Top Five Blog Post

I wanted to share with you my top blog post of the last 12-months. I’ve divided the top blogs into two categories; the first list consist of the top post based on traffic to the site called reader’s choice and the other list is my favorite list titled editor’s choice (trying to make this real formal by calling it “editor’s choice” & “reader’s choice”)

Let me know which ones were your favorite post.

Top 5 blog post – Reader’s Choice

  1. Is There Room For Innovation In A Medical Practice?
  2. Airlines, Medical Practices, And Teaching People A Lesson
  3. Bloom’s Taxonomy in a Medical Practice
  4. Can One Practice Really Negotiate And Win Against A Health Insurance Co.?
  5. Medical Practice: Understand The Business

Top 5 blog post – Editor’s Choice

Here is the list of the top blog post that I though were pretty good, but didn’t really get the traction I was hoping for:

  1. Insurance Contract Negotiations (I think I could have done a better job with the title)
  2. Achieving Efficient Practice Operations (one of my very first post)
  3. Google, Apple, Printers and Vaccines
  4. How Web2.0 Can Help Your Medical Practice (Connect) Grow
  5. Sharing The Practice Management Love Series