Top 40 CPT's

I wanted to share our practice’s top 40 CPT codes. I compared them to last years top 40 codes just to see what would come up. The ranking is based on frequency, not of revenue or paid or anything else.

Here it is:

* Service not performed in 2007 / ** Service did not place in top 40 in 2007

* Service not performed in 2007 / ** Service did not place in top 40 in 2007

A few observations:

  1. 99214 made a jump from 5th to 3rd
  2.  96110 dropped a spot. But it’s OK since it gave the spot up for 99214, which pays better anyway.
  3. 99392 made a jump from 10th to 6th
  4. Lots of U/A’s relative to other codes
  5. 92587 (hearing screen) came in 12th place. We bought the device in the fall of 2007. I’m happy to see that we are using it a lot. It is a great device to have for school physicals. Not only does providing the hearing screen a great complement to our comprehensive pediatric exams, it also reimburses really well.  
  6. 99212 drop considerably. I think my docs are wising up on their coding and figured out they were leaving money on the table.
  7. Look at our 99051. Chip would be proud.

What are your thoughts on our top 40 CPT codes? Do you see problems with it? Are they similarities with your top 40? Do you see something that could be improved? Do you see something that you currently aren’t doing that may implement?

Love to hear your thoughts.


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