Is Your Medical Practice “That” Office?

Everybody has that guy or that restaurant or that clothing store. And most people like to talk about that guy, that restaurant or that clothing store. They want you to experience what they’ve experienced.

You know what I’m talking about…

When you are at a friend’s house and you mention, “I’m looking to paint the house.” And someone says, “I know a guy that can paint your house. He’s great! Just let me know, and I’ll give you his number.”

md_scope_ph6aOr you start complaining about how you have to get back to the gym and your friend says, “I have to give you my guy’s number. He’s the best personal trainer at the gym. You’ll love him.”

Or when you are talking about a trip to Boston you have to take next week and someone jumps in and says, “…you have to stop by Billy Bob’s Deli on Venture Ave. because they have the best roast beef sandwich you’ll ever have…”

Is your medical practice “that” office? Is your doctor “that” guy? Is your medical practice the office all your patients/parents want to tell everybody else about? Are your parents telling their friends, “You have to go to our pediatrician… she is the best and little Timmy is going to love her.”

Remember, people want to tell others about you and your medical practice just like they want to tell others about their favorite restaurant, trainer, landscaper or contractor. We all do. It makes us feel useful… like the go-to gal, like the one with all the connections.

But they will only tell their friends and family  if one makes it easy for them to tell others about your medical practice, your doctors and your staff.


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