Can Doctors Be Brands?




The American Medical News has a great piece about doctors being a brand. The article featured Dr. Terry Nicola, an avid runner that morphed his passion with his career.

After Dr. Nicola started his career as a orthopedic sports medicine physician, he continued running, competed in marathons and became an active member of various running clubs and organizations. As he started to gain recognition as a good runner, other runners looking for medical advice started turning to him.

Today, Dr. Nicola, director of sports medicine rehabilitation at the University of Illinois Medical Center, is known in Chicago as a runners’ doctor. It’s a brand he built over time, not by marketing, but by building relationships, and a reputation, with the people he most enjoyed working with. He wears that brand with pride and great satisfaction.”


The article has some great quotes from physicians that have successfully created “brands.” Philippa Kennealy MD,  (Philippa has commented on my blog before) Bryan Vartebedian, MD and Kevin Pho, MD; All of whom I follow on Twitter by the way.


I think Philippa provides the best advice for us:

In times of increasing numbers of people without insurance or with high-deductible plans, patients are going to be more picky about where and with whom they spend their money. It’s more important than ever to make patients aware of  what they will find with you that they won’t find from someone else.”

What is your brand? What is your story? What do people know you for? What do they know the practice for? 

You can check out the entire piece here: